Family. Friends. Food. Fun.

Loved this Facebook message I received in my inbox today from a friend who has a heart for connection: We are are BBQ-ing this evening and want our friends to join us! We'll have homemade ice-cream too!! Here are the details: Time: 5pm  Address: ***** Bring: Your own meat and buns for your family and a side to share. We...Read More

Social Media Inspiration

Check out our social media links at the top of the page for a steady supply of hospitality inspiration: Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook. Have a favorite way to bring people together? Please share in the comment section below!

Friends AND Neighbors

A stroll to the park this evening with my children led me to cross paths with a neighbor I haven't seen in a while. She and I visited on a park bench while our kids kicked a soccer ball back and forth on the grass behind us. We began with the typical chit-chat: "Beautiful weather!" "How's school?" "How's work?" and...Read More

Thoughts On Courage From A Lifelong Introvert

I'm an introvert through and through. And when I say introvert, I mean: I'm uncomfortable in large groups. It's extremely difficult for me to make a phone call. I love to be alone. I love going to movies by myself. I love to eat in restaurants alone, with only a good book, or a pad of paper and pen in...Read More

Guest Post: The Connection Between Food and Family (Recipe included)

The Comfort of Risotto So grateful to Natalie from for sharing this guest post about the connection between family and food. What is the first food that comes to mind when you think of family? What is your signature dish? Have you thought about recording those memories and that recipe here for your posterity to enjoy? What better way...Read More

A Neighbors Table

This is amazing! A Neighbors Table. This is my dream. I will make it happen, I will, I will!! Both the article and podcast are awe-inspiring...if you're into this sort of thing. I love that Sarah is an introvert (like me!), that she has ugly orange Formica countertops (mine are an ugly blue), and that she doesn't have a lot...Read More

Time For Tea

Spring is just around the corner, making it the perfect time to start planning a tea party--a simple, relaxing occasion perfectly designed for the creation of genuine connections. Shiloah of shares her tea party experience here:  Time For Tea Doesn't her scone recipe sound delicious?!

Safe and Happy Neighborhoods

Some time ago I sat with a city councilman and other members of the community to discuss how we might improve our neighborhoods. "We need more police presence in our neighborhoods," someone suggested right away. Most everyone agreed. I sat back in my seat and listened to their argument. When they were finished discussing the idea of increasing the police...Read More

The Secret of Hospitality

The planning of an event is always unpredictable, with unexpected twists and turns along the way, but, somehow, through means I don't fully understand, the event always turns out perfectly. The planning of a recent Fall Potluck proved no different. Case in point. The glass jug of apple cider I was excited to serve during dinner fell and shattered on...Read More