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      “Courage doesn’t mean you don’t get afraid. Courage means you don’t let fear stop you.” (Bethany Hamilton)   I knew the moment I shared this quote with my daughter two days ago that she had had a lightbulb moment; I saw it in her eyes, in the way she tilted her head and glanced up towards the ceiling. “Oh…” she said softly, “you mean you can still be courageous even if you’re fearful!” It was a statement, rather than a question. “Yes,” I said. “In fact, without fear, there is no courage.” (Author Unknown) She smiled and hurried towards the kitchen table to write the two quotes in her…

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    Authentic Connection

    An Awkward Interruption

    God interrupted me today.   Sometimes His awkward interruptions make no sense to me. I had just purchased the most beautiful yellow roses to take to a friend. It was to be a surprise. As I walked to my car, with flowers in hand, I found myself thinking about how the great men and women in history let their light shine during the most trying of times. Then I thought of the elderly man who stopped to visit with me earlier in the day as I held the door open for him. I thought of the way he enthusiastically said, “I will!” as he hobbled down the sidewalk with the…

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    Spring Tea Party Discussion

    Last year my girls and I hosted our first Spring Tea Party Discussion. We invited a few friends and neighbors to our home and kept the preparation simple. The girls dressed up as princesses and sat at their own fancy table outside. The women sat around the kitchen table, which was decorated with fresh flowers and place cards specially made by my daughters. We drank fruit-infused water and ate cucumber sandwiches, fresh fruit and veggies, and cookies while discussing the following questions:

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    Comfort Zone

    **This page contains affiliate links. You can view my full disclosure HERE. “Mom, is it a good thing to step outside my comfort zone?” asked my daughter.   “Yes,” I said, giving her a cautious motherly glance, “as long as there is little risk for bodily harm.” “Oh, no need to worry about that,” she giggled.   {silence}   “It’s just that stepping outside your comfort zone is a hard thing to do,” she finally whispered. “Yes, that’s true,” I said thoughtfully, “but the benefits of doing so can be great. Remember when you were afraid to go to the party because you didn’t know anyone there, but you returned home with two new friends?”…

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    Authentic Connection

    Seeds To Plant

    A CALL TO PLANT SEEDS AND PRACTICE HOSPITALITY   The Bible teaches much about hospitality. Abraham, Lot….while much has changed since biblical times, Hospitality has a place in our lives too. We have many opportunities, both inside and outside our homes, to show/extend hospitality:   “God has beautifully designed each one of us to be His Ambassadors…his hands and feet to carry His love to those around us. Ultimately, hospitality is not limited to a space or time. It matters not how large your home is or how generous your table settings. It is rather a lifestyle of generosity. It asks with each purchase: “can this be used to bless…

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    Worth The Effort: An Evening Spent With The Homeless

    The best things in life take effort on our part.   Standing in the back yard on a beautiful fall afternoon, it occurred to me how wonderful it would be to not have any obligations that day…to just be able to stay at home and relax. But no, we had committed to provide an activity for a few homeless children that night, which would mean a trip to the store, a couple hours worth of preparation, an evening spent away from home….and a big step out of our comfort zone. Time, money, comfort—three things that are rarely easy to sacrifice. “But it will be worth it,” I tried to reassure myself. “It always is, isn’t it?” I walked…

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    Ideas For Rediscovering Face-To-Face Connection

      “There is so much sadness and depression in this world,” a friend recently lamented. “What we need is more face-to-face time… more connection.”   Ever since her comment, I’ve been paying closer attention to the opportunities for connection all around me.     Connection is a choice.  Will we choose it?   These people did: 1. When planning transportation to an event, a friend said, “Let’s carpool instead of driving separately, that way we can visit on the way.” Connection. 2. A neighbor crossed the street to introduce himself and visit for a while. Connection. 3. Rather than picking her kids up from a play date and leaving right…

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    Making Memories

    Memory making is a big deal in our family, as it is in yours, I’m sure. Family traditions, holidays, birthdays, vacations, the time little Johnny spilled a tub of honey on the carpet and then stepped in it. You know, the memories that make you smile (and sometimes cringe.) Keeping up with the memory record keeping is a whole other story, however. Perhaps you can relate to that too. Enter Project Life–the memory-keeping system that allows you to cultivate a good life and record it in no time flat. My kids love looking through their Project Life scrapbooks and reliving the memories we’ve made over the years. And I love…