Authentic Connection

Ideas For Rediscovering Face-To-Face Connection


There is so much sadness and depression in this world,” a friend recently lamented. “What we need is more face-to-face time… more connection.”


Ever since her comment, I’ve been paying closer attention to the opportunities for connection all around me.



Connection is a choice.  Will we choose it?


These people did:

1. When planning transportation to an event, a friend said, “Let’s carpool instead of driving separately, that way we can visit on the way.” Connection.

2. A neighbor crossed the street to introduce himself and visit for a while. Connection.

3. Rather than picking her kids up from a play date and leaving right away, a neighbor sat down to visit for half an hour. Connection.

4. A stranger shared her story of fear, shame and isolation. Each listener could relate to the story in one way or another. Connection.

5. A friend volunteers his time doing yard work for neighbors, then sticks around after the work is done to offer words of encouragement. Connection.


All these things took place in my life within the past 24 hours.


What examples of connection do you see taking place around you?

Are you choosing to connect with others in your day-to-day interactions?

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