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Seeds To Plant

January 25, 2017



The Bible teaches much about hospitality. Abraham, Lot….while much has changed since biblical times, Hospitality has a place in our lives too.

We have many opportunities, both inside and outside our homes, to show/extend hospitality:


“God has beautifully designed each one of us to be His Ambassadors…his hands and feet to carry His love to those around us.

Ultimately, hospitality is not limited to a space or time. It matters not how large your home is or how generous your table settings. It is rather a lifestyle of generosity.

It asks with each purchase: “can this be used to bless others?”


When we evaluate our budget and spending, it asks:


“How can we live more simply so we can have extra means to pour love on others?” 


It steps back at the beginning of each week and instead of focusing on ourselves, it starts by asking:


“Who can I bless this week? What is one practical way I could minister to another?” 


The more we plant these thoughts and seeds, the more they will become a passion of our hearts. And in this process, we will be storing up treasures in heaven rather than on this moth infested earth.”

~ from “A  To Practice Hospitality”


In what ways do you incorporate hospitality into your everyday life?

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