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The Time We Hosted A Spring Tea Party Discussion

Last year my girls and I hosted our first Spring Tea Party Discussion. We invited a few friends and neighbors to our home and kept the preparation simple.

The girls dressed up as princesses and sat at their own fancy table outside. The women sat around the kitchen table, which was decorated with fresh flowers and place cards specially made by my daughters. We drank fruit-infused water and ate cucumber sandwiches, fresh fruit and veggies, and cookies while discussing the following questions:

1. What is a favorite Bible scripture or story that has had a positive effect on your life?

2. How can we, as women, do a better job loving one another so that the world would know us as disciples?

3. How do you personally live at a pace that allows yourself to be available for others?

4. What are some of the long-term goals or traits that you would love to cultivate this year?

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We enjoyed an unforgettable afternoon filled with heartfelt conversation and are looking forward to doing it again this spring.


If you were to attend (or host!)  a Tea Party Discussion, what questions would you be interested in discussing?

I love hearing from you! Please take a moment and share your thoughts in the comments below.


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  • Rachel Lee

    I love how willing you are to invite others into your home! This is something I struggle with, for a number of reasons. I find it easier to go to people than have people come to me. 😉 You inspire me!

    • Down Aspen Lane

      Oh, yes—it is always easier to go to someone ELSE’S home, right!? lol I completely agree with you there!!

  • Gleniece

    Hello, Carri. I enjoyed reading your “About” page. It’s interesting to learn about the struggles and thoughts coming from another woman’s perspective. I’m an introvert too and am quiet when thrust into a crowd. But small gatherings are definitely my cup of tea!
    If I were to host an intimate get-together, I probably would ask how they were handling their current trials compared to their previous ones. We all can learn from our own mistakes and use past trials for comparison in our spiritual growth.
    I’m your neighbor from #DestinationInspiration. Have a blessed day!

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