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My Favorite Things: 4th of July Edition

The 4th of July is approaching and I thought I’d take this opportunity to share a few of our favorite Family Night movies, Family Read-Aloud books, and games that motivate our family to remain actively engaged in protecting our freedoms:

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Last Ounce of Courage

Description: A powerful movie about claiming our freedom and standing up for our rights. It will have you wanting to shout from the rooftops by movies-end. A family favorite!



Description: Powerful and moving documentary about the Pilgrams role in the birth of our nation.


A More Perfect Union

Description: “A thoughtful, quiet, and moving dramatization of the 1787 Convention in Philadelphia that led to the U.S. Constitution.” My family has watched this dozens of times; it never gets old.


Beyond The Mask

Description: History, love, action, mercy, grace all in one entertaining and inspiring family-friendly movie.



The Lincoln Hypothesis

Description: The author’s description of Lincoln’s relationship with God kept my family riveted thoughout the entire book.



America’s Prophet: Moses and the American Story

Description: I loved the insights into Moses and the essential role the prophet has played in our nation’s history and development.



EXTRA FUN IDEA: Consider throwing a Poetry Tea Party. Rather reading poetry, consider reading a patriotic book from the library instead. Learn more about this fun activity that my family enjoys so much here.


Constitution Quest

Description: Simple directions with added twists for fun, interesting, engaging game play. Play in less than an hour…the more you play, the more you learn! Includes a complimentary copy of the Constitution and Declaration of Independance. Fun and educational for the classroom, family, or friends. Recommended by Glenn Beck!



Interested in more ideas for children of all ages? Mila at Patriotic Moms has some ideas you are sure to love:


How does your family celebrate America’s birthday?




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