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Whimsical, Colorful, Happy–Check out our Etsy Shop!

September 14, 2017

The shop is open, and boy, do we have some bright and happy eye-candy to choose from! Looking for the perfect birthday gift, hostess gift, holiday gift? Check out these fun, and oh, so colorful handmade items:

Pillows in all shapes and sizes.

Pillows for the couch, bed, shelf, tooth fairy pillows, secret note pillows, ornament pillows, holiday pillow.


Miniature pillows.

Perfect for placing on a shelf, bed, or window sill.

Christmas pillows.

Tooth Fairy pillows.

Pocket on the back of pillow to hold tooth fairy money, special treats, or secret notes.

Owl coasters.

Perfect for your poetry tea parties!

Gift tags.

A fun addition to any gift!

The CUTEST monkeys.

Tall, soft, and cuddly!

Gift tags.

Book marks.

and so much more! Stop by the shop today for a little “whimsy and happy”.


Down Aspen Lane Etsy Shop

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