Eyes window to soul
Authentic Connection

The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

Our eyes, the window to the soul, have the power to build or to destroy.


Recently a young man posted on social media that he is struggling with severe isolation. In addition to being neglected by friends and family, he feels invisible when out in public. He’ll walk through crowds of people and not one person will make eye contact with him, let alone offer a friendly greeting.

His story is all too familiar.

Perhaps you can relate.


It’s no secret that we live in a fast-paced world where oft times our only connection with others is through social media or our phone.


Sadly, we’ve grown comfortable with this type of connection.

It’s fast, convenient, and non-committal.

But there is a growing chasm in our souls.

Deep down we crave a truer form of connection.

The craving for genuine connection with others is an inherent desire.

We were created by God to connect with others at a more personal level.

Adam was told that “it is not good that man should be alone” (Gen 2:18) and was given Eve as his helpmeet.



The Bible is full of examples of remarkable relationships that were built on love and connection. Think of Jonathan’s heartfelt devotion to David, and Ruth’s loyal relationship to Naomi.

The Savior, our exemplar, led the way with the beautiful connection he had with his disciples.

Creating deeper connections with those around us may sound overwhelming but, fortunately, there are simple things we can do on a daily basis that will bring us one step closer to creating the relationships our soul desires.

Sometimes the simplest forms of communication can be the most powerful. Take these simple acts, for example:


Eye contact

A kind word

An encouraging pat on the back

A friendly smile


I relate a personal experience about this type of communication here.


When was the last time you experienced real, in-person connection with another person–the kind of connection where time seems to stand still and you feel seen, heard, and understood? When was the last time you offered that form of connection to another person?


Today’s challenge is a simple one.

Choose to look people in the eye.

  • When you pass someone in the store, look them in the eye.
  • When your child stops to talk to you, look them in the eye.
  • When the mailman drives by with your mail, look them in the eye.


We live in a world where it’s easy to become invisible.

We can change that, beginning today.

Make an effort to look people in the eye.

BONUS POINTS: smile as you make eye contact



Before we can love someone, we must acknowledge their existence. Eye contact will do just that.

It’s fast. It’s simple. It’s powerful.

Give it a try and see how it feels. Make the effort to look people in the eye.

You’re bound to make someone’s day!


Day 2 Challenge: Make eye contact with those around you (and smile while doing so!)


This is Day 2 of my Write 31 Days series for 2017: 31 Days to an Authentic Life.
For an index of all the posts in the series, please CLICK HERE.











  • Tara Adams

    It’s sad that so many feel the way that young man did when it doesn’t take much to acknowledge someone. I think technology and our culture make it so easy for us to get wrapped up in our own ME bubbles we fail to realize our lack of true meaningful connection with others. It can be as simple as you said, eye contact and a warm smile.

  • Donna Richard Miller

    I remember a day so long ago I felt discouraged because I smiled at someone and it wasn’t returned. That tends to happen alot. But God encouraged me and dropped in my spirit that nothing I gave away in His Name … an encouragement, a hug, and even a smile … was ever wasted!!

    One of the easiest ways for Christian ladies to get connected is through small groups at Church. Hopefully, the Christians that are blogging and connecting with people through the internet have genuine connections in a Holy Spirit filled Church.

    • Down Aspen Lane

      Yes!! I’m so grateful for the genuine connections that take place in my church, in monthly book discussions with friends, etc.

  • Naomi Fata

    Yes connection is so important. Just this past Sunday our message was about how Jesus touched the leper and the pastor spoke on how important is the power of touch. In my small home sewing business I love the opportunity to talk to my clients one on one while I am fitting them. In just the few minutes that they are with me I am able to form a connection

  • Kimberly @ Berly's Kitchen

    Personal connection is so important. I had a conversion with someone the earlier this week about losing a human touch due to technology. The gentleman was able to experience a new aspect of his job and work with people in person and not over the phone. He found it more rewarding and fulfilling. It’s amazing what bringing back a little humanity will do.

  • Anna

    This is such a great post, I am a friendly person but I have a hard time doing an eye contact . I know it’s good to look the person on the eyes but there are times where I just can’t. Great read here .

  • Amanda

    These are wonderful reminders. It takes so little to meet someone’s eyes and smile. You never know…yours may be the only look or smile they have had in a while.

  • Lisa Keifer

    This is great! As a naturally shy person, I have a hard time being eye contact with others as it feels too intimate sometimes. I try to do so anyway, though, because like you said, it helps people make connections.

  • Vicki @ Babies to Bookworms

    Love this! In our world of constant technology and social media, it is so easy to feel that we are “connecting” with others, but we aren’t! I love when you can make eye contact and share a smile with someone in a store or on the street. It just feels so much better!

  • Francesca

    I think in this day with all the mobile devices, people are seriously lacking making genuine connections. It’s so important and sometimes we definitely need to get back too!

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