Solving puzzles with light
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Solving The Puzzles Of Life With Light

October 3, 2017

There is so much about life that is good.

There is so much about life that is bad.


At times the good and bad get all mixed up and jumbled together in my mind that, like puzzle pieces, it’s difficult for me to make sense of it all.


How exactly am I supposed to feel about life with its mixture of good and bad?

Happy? Sad? Mad?


This world we live in can be confusing to our emotions.




Some days I long to pull the covers over my head and ignore it all, as in shut out the world, isolate myself, and focus on my own sense of happiness.



But I can’t.

As a Christian, I am called to be a light to the world.

So are you.


The world is in need of light and if we don’t provide that light, who will?


No one of us can do it on our own.

This work of lighting the world was always intended to be a joint effort.

We need each other in this effort, and we need to get to work right away.

Time is of the essence.


In the midst of all the chaos and wickedness and misery that is taking place in our world, we are called to be a light.

Yes, the world can see us get mad on occasion for a righteous cause.

Yes, it needs to witness our sadness at times so it can practice compassion.

But mostly, it needs to witness our light.


Fortunately, God has not left us empty-handed. He has blessed each of us with our own unique spiritual gifts that we might bless others and shine a light for the world to see.



What are the spiritual gifts God has bestowed upon you? The gift of kindness, compassion, a listening ear?

Are you articulate, creative, intuitive? Are you a natural at cooking, educating, inspiring?

Are you courageous, patient, long-suffering?

Do you recognize your gifts, or do you find it easier to focus on your flaws?


There is so much about us that is good.

There is so much about us that is bad.


God has blessed us with flaws so that we will humble ourselves and turn to Him, but He never intended for us to focus so much of our time and attention on them.


Instead, he wants us to see the good in ourselves and focus our attention on others.



Because focusing on our strengths rather than our weaknesses is more easily said than done, let’s practice!

Today’s challenge is to take a few moments to consider your strengths, your positive attributes, your unique spiritual gifts.

Think about them mentally, or write them down.

If you feel so inclined, feel free to share two or three of your strengths or gifts in the comment section below, as I tend to draw strength from women who have some idea of what their role in this life is.


As we recognize our God-given gifts and use them to light the world, our relationship to God and the people with whom we associate will naturally become more authentic.


Let us recognize the good in ourselves.

Let us see the good in others.


God has the solution to every puzzle in our world, but he uses us to move the puzzle pieces.

The solution to every puzzle, the resolution to all fear and misery and chaos, is light.

If we don’t provide that light, who will?


Day 3 Challenge: Take a few moments to consider your unique spiritual gifts. Think about them mentally, or write them down. If you’d like, share a few of them in the comment section below.


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