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Words That Encourage

“You’re very special!”


Those were the last words I whispered to my daughter as I gave her a squeeze and prepared to send her off to bed. When her body stiffened noticeably and she became quiet, I wondered if perhaps those words had made her feel uncomfortable.

Early the next morning, she stood near me and in her soft voice whispered,

“Mama? You know last night when you told me I was special?  I liked that. No one has ever told me I am special before.”

That was a bittersweet moment for me.

On one hand, I was grateful that she felt comfortable enough to share her feelings with me. On the other hand, I felt a certain pain that it took me so long to tell her the words she so longed to hear.

“How could I have NEVER told her she is special?” I thought to myself.

I’ve told her she is fun and creative, helpful and a blessing in our home, a good friend and a daughter of God.

I tell her multiple time a day how much I love her, but I’ve never told her that she is special.

This experience made me stop and wonder,


“What are the particular words of encouragement my friends and loved ones are longing to hear?



With the scriptures, we have encouragement right at our fingertips, but God knew that we would need more than just his encouraging Word; He told us we would need each other.

“Wherefore comfort yourselves together, and edify one another…” (1 Thessalonians 5:11)

God has called on His people to be encouragers.


Recently, a good friend confided in me that she seldom feels loved and appreciated by others. Her comment struck me deeply. I, for one, love and appreciate her very much. Regrettably, I realized in that moment that I have rarely shared those thoughts of love and appreciation with her. Before our visit ended, I determined to become better at sharing with others the positive thoughts I have about them—to vocalize my thoughts and allow them to flow from my mind, directly into their heart.

Words of encouragement are so needed in today’s world. I hope to be inspired to know, at least on occasion, which words my friends, family, and even strangers, are longing to hear.

And I hope to have the courage to say them.

Day 11 Challenge: Determine, today, to vocalize the kind thoughts you have about someone by sharing those thoughts with them, preferably face-to-face, but if not, through snail mail, email, or text. Choose today to edify another.


This is Day 11 of my Write 31 Days series for 2017: 31 Days to an Authentic Life.
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  • Emilee

    So much truth in this. I feel like this relates to something the Lord has been showing me too about how people feel special and loved by being invited to share a meal in your home. It’s all about slowing down and remembering to do those small things that have big meanings to others.

  • Sarah

    What a good reminder! How hungry we all are to hear the words that we are special to someone. I will make a point to say this to all my little kiddos tomorrow.

  • Debbie Putman

    It is so important to share our love with others by telling them they are special, loved, admired, etc. Thank you for the reminder we need to find ways that are meaningful to those we influence. Our words are powerful and we need to use them to build up and encourage.

  • Bri

    How precious that your daughter could share this with you… What a gift that the longed for words DID come from you! Encouraging words are such a gift… I pray the Lord allows others to hear them from me!
    In Him,
    Bri from forget-not-his-benefits.blogspot.com

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