Seeking common ground airplane
Authentic Connection

Seeking Common Ground

October 18, 2017

Opportunities for seeking common ground often present themselves in unexpected ways.


Recently, I flipped through the pages of a religious magazine that was hiding in a stack of magazines in our living room and was stunned by what I read. The pages were filled with scripture, inspiring words, and eternal truths. I was so moved that, several days later, I finally asked my husband, “You know that religious magazine in the living room? Where did it come from?”

“Oh…that? he replied. “I got it from a guy on the plane. On my return flight home a few weeks ago, I sat next to a guy who was returning from some kind of religious convention. I think he was Protestant or something along those lines. Anyway, he said the topic of the convention was “Using All Our Senses To Feel The Spirit.” I told him I found that subject fascinating since we are really focused right now on teaching our children to feel the Spirit. He mentioned he had an extra magazine I could take home with me if I was interested, a magazine that focused on learning how to feel the Spirit. I told him I’d love to have a copy.”

“What a great conversation to have on a plane!” I replied, enthusiastically.

“Yeah, it was great!” he agreed. “He inquired about my faith and we talked the entire flight. It made for an enjoyable flight home—it really did.”


I loved this example of mutual respect, of seeking common ground. There is so much we can learn from one another if we’ll but open ourselves up to these kinds of connections.


Day 18 Challenge: Watch for opportunities to build on common ground and see where that opportunity for connection leads you.


This is Day 18 of my Write 31 Days series for 2017: 31 Days to an Authentic Life.
For an index of all the posts in the series, please click HERE.


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  1. I love this! The world around us is all about drawing lines around differences, but if we could just take a little more mental/emotional effort to find common ground, I think we would be amazed at how similar we really are!

    Finding common ground really helps you see the humanity in the other person – they become people, not just objects! I think Satan wants us to dehumanize those around us and be contentious – the more we can do the opposite, the less power he can have in our relationships and how we treat others.

    PS: love that quote from Elder Renlund 🙂

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