• Dear diary
    Dear Diary

    Dear Diary: Focusing on Others

    Dear Diary, I have to say that it just feels so good to love others, to invite them into our home, to sometimes disagree with their choices, but to love them all the same. We had 20+ people in our home last night for an Italian Buffet and Fellowship Night. We met some people for the first time. Our new neighbor offered to provided the lasagna for the meal. I was stunned by her generosity, but, apparently, there are two things she really enjoys: cooking and dinner parties. When she arrives at the door with food in hand, she immediately becomes the life of the party. It’s a beautiful thing…

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    Happy New Year! (My One Word)

     A NEW YEAR   A ten second countdown, the drop of a crystal ball, and just like that, one year is over and another has begun.   Turning the page on one’s life brings with it a mixture of emotions. Some good; some bad. As I turn from the dimly-lit past to focus on a bright tomorrow, a similar mixture of emotions sweep over me.   CREATING A BEAUTIFUL LIFE   American sculptor and musician, Thomas Ball (1819-1911), penned poignant words to describe his feelings of inadequacy as an artist. His description is a beautiful representation of the feelings I have about my own personal efforts to create a beautiful…