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A Day In The Life: The Spaghetti Mess

February 9, 2018

Have you ever had a mealtime disaster in your home? We have, and it’s what we refer to as “The Spaghetti Mess”. Here’s how it played out:

We’d had this conversation countless times.

“Katie, please sit at the table and stop following me around the house with your plate of food in hand asking me to feed you. You know how to feed yourself. Please, sit at the table so you don’t spill your food all over the floor.”

Yet, once again, I was being confronted in the living room by my hungry two-year-old, bowl of spaghetti in hand, asking me to feed her. This was not a good time, as I was in the middle of feeding the baby.

I forced myself to be patient as a forkful of her spaghetti fell onto the couch.




My 4-year-old daughter, Anne, seeing my need for help, offered to take Katie’s bowl of spaghetti back to the table. I scooped the spaghetti noodles and tomato chunks off the couch as best I could and put them back in the bowl before handing it to Anne.

“Thanks for your help, Anne”, I said, as I sighed a breath of relief. No sooner had I sighed my breath of relief than I heard the bowl of spaghetti fall from Anne’s hands to the kitchen floor.

“Oh no!” I cried, glancing towards the kitchen.

Anne clammered to clean up the mess, but then…oops!…the bowl slipped from her hands again.

I put my crying baby down just long enough to dish Katie up another bowl of spaghetti and help Anne clean the mess off the kitchen floor.

I had just reseated myself in our comfy new glider (the baby’s designated feeding spot) when I noticed Katie walking across the living room carpet WITH BOWL OF SPAGHETTI IN HAND. Before I had a chance to say anything, her bowl of spaghetti was lying upside down on the carpet.

My patience was starting to dwindle.

I dished Katie up a THIRD bowl of spaghetti, this time making eye contact with her as I told her that she must stay at the table.

Her response?


As if this was the first time she had heard me make this request. {sigh}




Daddy arrived home soon after and inquired about the monstrous pile of spaghetti in the kitchen sink. I took a deep breath and filled him in on the details of tonight’s disastrous dinner as he piled spaghetti and sauce high onto a plate.

Needing a little quiet time, I attempted to sequester myself in the bathroom to give the baby a bath.

Of course, going into the bathroom by yourself is nearly impossible at my house and this occasion proved no different.

Katie and Anne soon joined me and the craziness continued.

Anne accidentally threw water in the baby’s face, which made him start screaming. Katie nearly stepped on him as I was drying him off on the floor. And I barely saved him from being intentionally poked in the eye by Anne as I was getting him dressed.

My patience was now gone!

It was time for someone to go to timeout.

I left the kids with daddy, went into my room, and climbed into bed.

I love “Mommy Timeout”!


Ten minutes later I rejoined my family. I was feeling much better, my patience nearly restored, until daddy announced, “Guess what I just spilled all over the den carpet? My plate of spaghetti!”

Just FYI—We won’t be having spaghetti at our house again for a long, long time!




Ironically, years later, it’s memories like this one that our family gets the most enjoyment out of.

Motherhood = one grand adventure after another, and I wouldn’t change it for anything!


“It’s the little memories that will last a lifetime.” ~unknown

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