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The Benefits of Outdoor Play (Kids’ Club Intro)

**Someone hacked my website last night with a PRIVATE post about mud cakes. Mud cakes, of all things. I was deeply concerned until my daughter confessed that she was the culprit. When did she learn how to post something onto a blog? Seriously, children these days seem to be born with the natural ability to use technology. I read through her short post again and have decide to make it PUBLIC. She is excited to have it added to the Kids’ Club collection of posts.


What is Kids’ Club, you may ask?


Kids’ Club is a collection of posts on this blog that we feel will benefit children of all ages in their efforts to create a happy, healthy, and connected life. To read the Kids’ Club posts, simply click on the Kids’ Club tag located in various posts. Now, without further ado, my daughter’s post:


Who likes playing outside?


Did you know that being outside with nature has health benefits? If you walk barefoot on the dirt or grass, that is called grounding. Grounding helps relieve stress.

Plus-if you are in the dirt, you can make mud cakes like the one pictured.


Here is the recipe:

1. One cup of dirt

2. Half cup (or more) of water

3. Flower petals and leaves for garnish (Optional)


Mix dirt and water in a bowl. Put the mixture on a plate and add garnishes. Place in the sun to dry.


Have fun!

What are your favorite outdoor activities?



  • Maegan

    Great post! My children want to start blogging too. My sons think your mud pie idea is great! We like to fly kites, ride bikes, and garden outside (actually anything outdoors).

  • Jackie

    Aaaaw your daughter is too cute. You should let her have her own category on your blog. It will help her grow as a writer and as a person. You could enroll her into writing classes or something. There’s so much potential in that place

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