25 Simple Ways to Warm Hearts in your Community

After a heart-wrenching week of record-breaking violence and death in our country, I came across the following comment online:


“the world surely needs their hearts warmed. I look at what has happened in the last week in Ohio and Texas, and I certainly cannot discredit the notion that exposure to things that desensitize us to violence surely must at least make it easier to commit violence. Surely, if the right stories, films, plays, books, and pictures can warm hearts, the wrong ones can make them cold. With what we are exposed and have access to, is it any wonder that ‘men’s hearts shall fail them?’ Take courage mothers and fathers, and keep warming those hearts, and do all you can to warm the hearts of your neighbors and communities, too.”


Certainly, we must change the way we view media. What we read and watch molds us into the individuals we will become. Let us be wise in choosing what we will invite our eyes, minds, hearts, and souls to be exposed to.


What are your favorite heart-warming books and movies?

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Our family has always enjoyed taking time out for read-aloud books and uplifting movie nights. Here are a few of our all-time favorite, family-friendly books and movies:




  1. Just David
  2. Little House On The Prairie
  3. The Borrowers
  4. In Grandma’s Attic
  5. Charlotte’s Web




  1. Courageous
  2. The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry
  3. Beyond the Mask
  4. A Man Called Peter
  5. The Sound of Music


In addition to books and movies, here are 15 MORE ways to warm the hearts of your family, friends, and community:




    1. Spend at least 10-minutes a day connecting one-one-one
    2. Find reasons to celebrate—often!
    3. Be fully present; listen carefully
    4. Play games together
    5. Spend time around the dinner table

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    1. Accept your friend’s uniqueness
    2. Get to know each other’s friends and family
    3. Ask and offer help
    4. Express gratitude
    5. Find reasons to gather together


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    1. Do random acts of service–often!
    2. Take a class; teach a class
    3. Make eye contact with a smile
    4. Volunteer
    5. Ask questions; go places and do things

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From small things come that which is great.


Choose one small thing to do today to help create warm hearts in your home, neighborhood, or community.


JOIN THE DISCUSSION: Already doing something to warm hearts? I’d love to hear about it!


Your one thing will make a BIG difference!


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