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31 Days To An Authentic Life

Welcome to 31 Days to an Authentic Life!



We crave it.

We long for relationships that are authentic–genuine, real, true– but are often unsure how to go about creating them.



How does one actually LIVE an authentic life on a day-to-day basis with the people in their lives?

How can one create a close, abiding relationship with God?

How can we connect with family members in powerful, lasting ways?

How can we be strengthened through friendships?

How might we connect with neighbors and strangers in convicting ways?

How can we be true to ourselves?



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These questions and more will be addressed in my posts this month.

I hope you’ll join me in creating a more authentic life…one day at a time.




Day 1: Welcome to 31 Days to an Authentic Life

Day 2: The Eyes are the Window to the Soul

Day 3: Solving the Puzzles of Life with Light

Day 4: Treasure Chests of Words

Day 5: Come to the Table

Day 6: The Connecting Power of Food

Day 7: Enjoy the Little Things

Day 8: Restoring His Day: Authentic Sabbath Worship

Day 9: Finding Yourself In Nature **GIVEAWAY**

Day 10: Self-Care: Daily Downtime and Self-Reflection

Day 11: Words That Encourage

Day 12: A {Cookie} Recipe for Connection

Day 13: My Neighborhood: A Feast For The Senses

Day 14: Tall and Courageous

Day 15: Open Doors

Day 16: And A Little Child Shall Lead Them

Day 17: Strengthening Families Through Storytelling

Day 18: Seeking Common Ground

Day 19: An Adventure Awaits

Day 20: Hope For The Downhearted: A Story Of Life, Loss, And Hope

Day 21: The Joy Of Hospitality: A Reluctant Husband’s Perspective

Day 22: For The Sake Of The Children: A Life-Changing Conversation

Day 23: Safe And Happy Neighborhoods

Day 24: Freeing Ourselves Of Barnacles: The Miracle Of Forgiveness

Day 25: Hope For Bad Moms Everywhere

Day 26: Judge Not: A Hard Lesson Learned

Day 27: Recycled Gratitude: Thoughts On Recycle Bins and Authenticity

Day 28: The Actions That Define Us

Day 29: The Life-Changing Effect Of Shared Stories

Day 30: The Profound Impact Of One’s Name

Day 31: The Essence Of A Name




Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure

A gift to celebrate supportive friendships among women—best friends, sisters, co-workers, neighbors.



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31 Days to and Authentic Life


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