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My mission at Down Aspen Lane is simply this—to encourage the creation of authentic connections in our homes, community, and world.

Through the sharing of personal stories, creative resources, and regular challenges, we encourage others to minister boldly as they create a more authentic life…one simple step at a time.



I am passionate about connecting with others and encouraging others to do the same. Why? Because I’ve experienced the opposite and found that it did not lead to the true happiness and personal fulfillment I desired.

For many years, I isolated myself in my home, alone and insecure.

Fifteen years ago I had a wake up call, one that would lead me down a path toward authentic connection with those around me, and I haven’t looked back since.

God had great things in store for me, I later discovered; I’m so grateful I followed His lead!

This blog has become my Personal Passion Project—a tool used to engage with others in an effort to create a world filled with more authentic connection.



Down Aspen Lane symbolizes the path each of us will take in our efforts to create more connection in our lives.

First, we start in our home to see who we might connect with there.

Next, we step outside and look down our “lane” (or street, avenue, road, etc.) to see with whom in our neighborhood we might connect.

Then, we look in the direction of our community, followed by the world.

This path, that begins at home, will ultimately lead us toward a world filled with opportunities for creating authentic connection…one person, one step, at a time.



Who am I? Mom, daughter, friend, writer, educator, researcher, introvert, creativity junkie, and die-hard lifelong learner.

I’m passionate about creating personal connections through storytelling within my home and community, but that hasn’t always been the case.

(Trust me! Remember that part about being an introvert?!)

Thankfully, over time I’ve learned that, with a little ingenuity, there are countless fun, creative, and virtually pain-free ways to connect with others authentically. 

Authenticity is so needed in our world today. Just think of the problems that would be solved if we made more of an effort to slow down and connect with one another in meaningful ways.

And there is no better way of doing that than by sharing our stories.


Connecting with each other through shared stories is the key to creating more authentic lives.

Sharing our stories enriches our lives with:

more peace

new friendships

improved health

genuine connection

increased happiness

improved relationships 

the making of happy memories

more time living in the present moment

The fact is…life is more fun when you share your story with others.


Consider this an invitation to share YOUR story and 

join us on our journey towards a more authentic life!


Authenticity begins with stories, and everyone has a story to share.

What’s your story?




This blog contains the tools necessary for your journey towards authentic connection and heartfelt ministry:


Connection Made Easy

Specific blog posts that share simple tips, fun examples, and “1-2-3 steps” on how to connect with others in meaningful ways.


Real Stories

Stories from people like YOU who are making an effort to connect with those around them in more authentic ways.

Interested in having your story featured on our blog? Contact me with your story HERE.


My Favorite Things

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Encouragement for creating a more authentic relationship with God.




Creating a life filled with authentic connection is HIGH adventure for those with a BIG heart.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey towards a happier, more fulfilled life—a life that begins and ends with a story.


It’s an adventure worth taking.





I’d love to hear from you!


Do you desire more connection and community in your life? What challenges do you face when trying to connect with others? What successes have you had?

I invite you to share your thoughts—and your story—by contacting me at hello@downaspenlane.com.

I look forward to hearing from you!


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