a birthday card to my best friend

A Birthday Card To My Best Friend

August 19th was my best friend’s birthday.

I celebrated her birthday like I do every year:

in the Happiest Place on Earth.

I feel closest to her there.


Melanie was pure light.

We were friends in High School and throughout our early college years.

We were roommates, too, which meant

late-night talks,

a ton of frozen yogurt (when we could afford it),

and WAY too much Pastaroni for lunch and dinner.


Melanie was there for me through thick and thin.

She was there when I came down with mono,

calling down to me from her top bunk to see what she could do to help.

She was there when my grandma passed away,

offering to drive to California with me for the funeral.

She was there whenever I needed to talk,

always pulling out her scriptures as a reference.


She had a laugh that lit up a room,

the spirituality of a giant,

and incredible hopes and dreams for the future.

We both did.


Our lives took an unexpected turn during college

when she began to live my dream, and I began to live hers.

We didn’t see it coming.

It was a difficult thing to accept.


I wanted what she had.

She wanted what I had.

I was envious of her.

She was envious of me.


Our lives went in different directions for a few years,

as we both ached for the life the other was experiencing.

Oh, sure, we were both happy in many ways,

but our lives just weren’t what we had imagined they would be.


In the end, we both finally got what we had hoped and dreamed for–

from our earliest childhood years.

I got married.

She received a mission call.


But, once again, life took an unexpected turn,

as Melanie was called on an extended mission Home,

and my marriage was cut short.


When cancer took Melanie from us in 2007,

heaven gained another angel,

and I lost my best friend.


I think of her often,

and feel her presence in my life.

I believe she’s finally happy.

and knows that I am happy too.


Life can be so hard.

Sometimes I wish I was up with Melanie,

in a place where tears are washed away.


But just today,

in the Happiest Place on Earth,

I was reminded that, through Jesus,

our burdens can be made light.


I like to think that Melanie is watching out for me too,

and that, when we are finally reunited,

we’ll have some incredible adventures to share:

her adventures in heaven,

and my adventures on earth.


One last thing about Melanie.

Throughout the many years of our friendship,

she never once forgot to send me a birthday card.

She always signed the cards, “Love, Mel”.


Today it’s my turn:

Happy Birthday, Mel!

Thanks for being my guardian angel.

I miss you.

Love, Your Best Friend



Do you have a friend who has blessed your life? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.


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  • Bev @ Walking Well With God

    What a beautiful tribute to your best friend. I, too, lost my best friend just two months after my second marriage to the love of my life. My first marriage was riddled with verbal and emotional abuse. She came and celebrate my happiness with me and then in two months, she was gone. We just don’t know the number of our days. All the more reason to let those closest to us know that we love them. I feel my friend looking over me a lot of the time. Til we meet again in eternity…
    Bev xx

    • Down Aspen Lane

      How blessed we both were to have such special friends in our lives for a short season. Seeing my friend again is something I look forward to in the eternities. Thanks so much for sharing your experience, Bev!

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