Heart Crafted:

Connecting with Others in Meaningful Ways

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Written for introvert and extrovert alike, this 100-page book is chock full of inspiration for your journey towards more meaningful connections in your life.

Seven categories cover a wide array of topics, including:





With ideas and resources for adults, teens, and children alike, this inspiration-packed book will bless the entire family!

The popular What’s Your Story Series from my blog has been included as an added feature in this book. You’re sure to be inspired by the stories that have been shared by women around the world!



Everyone has a unique story to share–yes, even you!


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“Carri Mason’s book is a compilation of life lessons, godly wisdom, and heart-warming stories as she holds the hands of her readers, walking them through real life-changing encounters, from godly hospitality, learning from children, and reaching out to neighbors, to making room for others in the table of our hearts. Our world is filled with chaos and anguish. People are more lonely now than ever before and are in desperate need of those who will listen with their hearts. This book left one prayer impressed upon my heart—God help me be a heart-listener.”


“I feel like a member of your family giggling, nodding my head and immensely drawn to the lessons in every chapter.”


“Such an inspirational read. I loved it. So many of the stories really hit home with me, as I know they will with many others.”


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