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    Our Mission At Down Aspen Lane

    Our mission at Down Aspen Lane is simply this—to encourage the creation of authentic connections in our homes, community, and world. Through the sharing of personal stories, creative resources, and simple challenges, we encourage others to create a more authentic life…one simple step at a time.   Hi, I’m Carri! Let me start by saying that this blog is probably not for everyone. It’s true. There may be some who feel perfectly content with the world as it is, but if you, like millions of others in our society, desire more authenticity in your life, then keep on reading. OUR MISSION Down Aspen Lane details my family’s journey towards a happier life,…

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    Let’s Collaborate!

    I am currently accepting guest bloggers! Read the guidelines below and fill out the form to get started.   GUEST POSTING GUIDELINES Because I strive to put out a high quality of content on my blog, each blog post should be interesting and actionable! I accept posts on: creating authentic connection with family, friends, community, and/or God Christian hospitality   SUBMIT FOR GUEST POST APPROVAL Please use the form below to provide a list of 1-5 topics that you would like to write about, and I will let you know the date I will need your post by. Once approved, please note the following guidelines:   EACH GUEST POST SUBMISSION SHOULD…

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    An Afternoon In The Park

    As one who is passionate about genuine connection, I found it impossible to hide my delight recently while spending an afternoon in the park. Children were seen everywhere–on the playground, at the ball courts, barefoot in the grass. But what really made my heart smile was the sight of the parents who, without any visible sign of technology in hand, were laughing with their children and visiting face-to-face with other parents. The weather was beautiful and everyone seeemed extraordinarily happy. As I sat on the grass enjoying the moment, I felt an unusual desire to jot down some poetry. Reaching for a scratch piece of paper from my purse, I…