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    Our Mission At Down Aspen Lane

    Our mission at Down Aspen Lane is simply this—to encourage the creation of authentic connections in our homes, community, and world. Through the sharing of personal stories, creative resources, and simple challenges, we encourage others to create a more authentic life…one simple step at a time.   Hi, I’m Carri! Let me start by saying that this blog is probably not for everyone. It’s true. There may be some who feel perfectly content with the world as it is, but if you, like millions of others in our society, desire more authenticity in your life, then keep on reading. OUR MISSION Down Aspen Lane details my family’s journey towards a happier life,…

  • Profound impact of one's name

    The Profound Impact Of One’s Name

    Have you ever stopped to wonder about the beauty and power of a name?   Each name has a story.   Perhaps you were named after a grandparent, your moms’ best friend, or a character in your dad’s favorite movie. Or perhaps you weren’t named after anyone at all. It could be that your name came after months of debating seemingly countless options or in a pressured moment of decision a day or two after you were born. Perhaps your name’s origin is largely unknown, its significance lost to you. Regardless of the details of the story, your name and its story are uniquely your own.   The Sound Of One’s Name…

  • life changing shared stories

    The Life-Changing Effect of Shared Stories

    Our Beautiful And Painful Stories   Some time ago, a friend mentioned that she loves sitting with people who are authentic and vulnerable, showing her what love looks like. I soon found myself doing exactly that, and loving every minute of it! It was a weekend of authenticity, connection, shared stories, and vulnerable confessions from the heart with friends, family, neighbors, and strangers. One of my favorite moments of vulnerability from the weekend was when a woman I’ve known for many years shared with a large group of women a few of her past personal struggles. Over the years, I’ve often driven by her gorgeous home and thought to myself,…