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Fall Round Up

  Check out these fun and fab fall ideas from a variety of creative bloggers, and let the MAGIC of the holiday seasons infiltrate your home beginning TODAY!   RECIPES: How To Feed Your Fall Apple Addiction Frosted Maple Cookies A Healthier Apple Crisp 5 Fun Fall Food Ideas For Kids Jumping Into The Fall […]

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Fall Food Ramekins
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5 Fun Fall Food Ideas For Kids

Listen. I know what it’s like to have picky kids at the dinner table. Not. Fun. Do yourself a favor and check out these five fun fall food ideas that will have even the pickiest of kids asking for more! Owl Veggie Tray Pull out a large cutting board and let the kids put together […]

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Celebrating America On Independence Day

My children love to celebrate holidays. All holidays. Yesterday, when my daughter realized it was the day before the 4th of July and I (shame, shame) hadn’t put up any decorations, she immediately went to work searching the house for anything red, white, and blue. She was determined to celebrate! She found an appropriate-colored  tissue […]

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renaissance celebration infused water
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Renaissance Celebration: A Celebration Of Learning

Each year our family throws a history celebration in our home where we display the things we have learned that year for friends and family to enjoy. This past year we learned about the Renaissance Period, so in September we threw a Renaissance Celebration. Previous years’ celebrations have included The Ancient Times, The Middle Ages, […]

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