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The Fight For Freedom Deserves Our Last Ounce Of Courage

The evening began with bowls of warm chili and trembling, nervous tummies.


True, my children had spent the past few weeks in great anticipation of this Chili Dinner and Talent Show, but now that their turn to perform was quickly approaching, they were having second thoughts.


“What have we gotten ourselves into?” they wondered aloud. Their apprehension was palpable.


The time soon arrived.


All three of them nervously gathered around the piano to perform their piano trio, which went off without a hitch.


One down, one to go.



Next, they approached the stage with high hopes that all would go as planned.


My oldest daughter began the performance by sharing the following with the audience. She had it memorized and shared it in the most heartfelt way as she looked into the eyes of those sitting in the audience:


“We dedicate this dance to the over 1.3 million citizen patriots who’ve given their lives to defend our freedoms since the founding of our Nation. Ronald Reagan once said, ‘Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it on to our children in the bloodstream. The only way they can inherit the freedom we have known is if we fight for it, protect it, defend it, and then hand it to them with the well-taught lessons of how they in their lifetime must do the same. If you and I don’t do this, then you and I may well spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it once was like in America when men were free.'”


Freedom is never more than one generation away


The girls then began to dance. My two daughters performed their own choreographed dance (a bit of Irish Dance mixed with ballet) to the theme song of the movie “Last Ounce of Courage”.


They leaped, they twirled, they kicked.


The words to the song served as a reminder to the audience that each one of us must have the courage to fight for, protect, and defend our freedoms.


Towards the end of the song, my son appeared at the back of the stage holding the American flag. The girls ended their dance facing the flag—a symbol of freedom that has come to mean so much to them.


They had done it.



With their last ounce of courage, they had given their all, conquered a fear, and grown in conviction—conviction to do hard things and to fight for what really matters.


Faith. Family. Freedom.


After the dance, a woman approached my girls, thanked them for their performance, and shared with them that she had grown up in Argentina and Morocco. Because of this, she learned about freedom at a very young age. She worries that younger generations here in America are taking their freedoms for granted and are making too little effort to fight for, defend, and protect these freedoms. She was encouraged by the fact that three young children were inspired to share a message of freedom in a talent show, along with a challenge to the audience to do something to protect our freedoms.


This woman’s kind comments strengthened my children’s resolve to do all they can to protect our freedoms.



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Looking for some patriotic inspiration? Check out the movie Last Ounce of Courage. It’s a family favorite!



We invite all, young and old, to join in the cause of protecting our freedoms.


JOIN THE DISCUSSION: Please, if you have ideas on how to go about protecting our freedoms, I invite you to share them in the comment section below. We are particularly looking for creative ideas for children and young adults. How might THEY get involved in the fight for freedom?


This fight for freedom deserves our LAST OUNCE OF COURAGE.


Find our family’s favorite patriotic ideas HERE.





  • Mary Hill

    Freedom is definitely something we should protect and honor. So many died so that we might be free. I think writing a song honoring our soldiers who went to war for us. Some returned wounded others payed the ultimate price of their own lives. Thanks for sharing on the #LMMLinkup this week.

    • Down Aspen Lane

      What a wonderful idea to write a song honoring our soldiers! We owe so much to so many, don’t we?

  • Rachel

    How very lovely! Your kids are an inspiration to ME!! I have to remind myself often that I can do HARD THINGS!! Faith over fear, Rachel. One step in front of the other. But oh the joy that comes from conquering those fears!! 🙂

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