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Heart Crafted: Connecting with Others in Meaningful Ways

Nearly twenty years ago, I felt impressed to step outside my comfort zone and connect with the people around me in meaningful ways. As an introvert, I found this to be extraordinarily difficult. But I was up to the task.


Around that same time, God put into my heart a love for writing, and I began recording my experiences–both good and bad–in relation to my attempts to connect with others. While there have been experiences I will always cherish, there are a few I would rather forget!


Eventually, a blog was created as a place to house my experiences and share them with others. Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of crossing paths with many who have, what I like to call, “hearts for connection”. Together, we have forged our way into the hearts and lives of many—blessing, and being blessed by, all those with whom we have come into contact.

What an adventure this journey has been!





This book is a compilation of many of my most popular blog posts, each heart-crafted through personal experience.

The book is divided into six categories:





In each category you will find personal stories of my experiences, as well as resources to encourage you on your own journey.

One of my favorite sections is the What’s Your Story Series, where I’ve interviewed women from around the world. I believe you’ll be inspired by their stories!




It is my hope that the stories shared in this book will inspire you to create your own heart-crafted experiences, as you become more intentional with connecting with the people in your life in meaningful ways.






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