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Meet Your Neighbors: An Adventure Awaits

Meet your neighbors.


It sounds intimidating.


Trust me–I know!


As an introvert, I get all nervous and shaky inside when it comes to introducing myself to strangers.


Nervous as Peter Rabbit in Mr. McGregor’s vegetable garden.

Shaky as a lone brittle leaf hanging from a gnarled branch in a wind storm.


Meet your neighbors? I don’t think so!


As you can well imagine, most days I remain in my house and avoid approaching new people like the plague.


However, on occasion (usually after a large intake of chocolate), an extra dose of courage will flutter my way.


Then, pushing aside all fears and intimidations, I will act in a way that surprises even me.


One day it happened like this…



It was a hot afternoon when my children and I stepped outside our house, flyers in hand, and peered down the street.


“Which houses should we visit?” I asked.


Our first choice was an easy one–-the house across the street.


Charles and Judy, our adopted grandparents, are some of our favorite neighbors.


We invite them to everything.


They never come, but they always appreciate the invitation.


This time was no different.


They were gracious when we presented them with an event flyer, but really came to life when we accepted their invitation to come inside for a visit.


We spent half an hour visiting in their living room about the ups and downs of their current life situation, then shared hugs before leaving.


“That was fun,” my daughter said, as we made our way to the sidewalk. The rest of us agreed.


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No one was home for the next three houses.


We had better luck at the fourth house when a man answered the door and showed some interest in the event.


After returning to the sidewalk, we eyed the house where a family from India lives.


We would go there next!


Long-time neighbors, but ones that tend to keep to themselves, we’d never really had the opportunity to get to know them.


My son rang the doorbell and the mother answered the door.


Her name was Kelly, she said, and


yes, she was interested in attending the event,


and what should she bring,


and would we like to come inside for a while, and


–before we were even seated–


would you like something to drink?





I love the hospitality of eastern cultures.



I gazed around the room while our drinks were being prepared and admired the India-themed decor:

elephants figurines, elegant silk table runners, sparkling gem-adorned bowls,


a golden Buddha, a picture of the golden temple, family pictures taken in India.



I felt like I had been transported to another country.



We stayed for an hour, my children playing with her children while she and I visited with each other.


She told me about her three children and how proud she is of their accomplishments.


She told me about her job, and introduced me to her parents. 
Then, before I left, she made me promise to return again soon so we could continue our conversation.


I promised, and made good on that promise later that week when we returned to their home for another hour-long visit.


I love the exotic feeling of their home and the genuine kindness that is shown to us while we are there.


Each time we return, it feels like an adventure.


It’s taken us fifteen years to get around to meeting this family, but no matter.


I’ve learned that it’s never too late to reach out and make a connection.


Every day is the perfect day to meet your neighbors and discover what adventure awaits!




Day 19 Challenge: A flyer for an upcoming Community Cultural Event offered our family the perfect excuse to visit our neighbors. Whether you go with an event flyer in hand, or a plate of cookies, or empty-handed, this is a friendly, no-pressure invitation to connect with someone in your neighborhood––to step outside your house, look down your street, and choose a house or two to visit. You never know what adventure awaits.


JOIN THE DISCUSSION: How have you been blessed by meeting your neighbors?


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meet your neighbors


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