Nurturing authentic friendships with the help of God

Nurturing Authentic Friendships With The Help Of God

Relationships matter to God.

Our relationship with Him, as well as our relationship with others, truly matter to Him.

With His help, we can nurture relationships with the richest of feelings.

When was the last time you experienced the hand of God in the mist of your relationships with family, friends, or strangers?

For me, it was a Wednesday evening in the middle of the dinner rush, and I couldn’t have been more grateful. To read more about how God blessed my life that evening in the most unexpected way, head on over to Be Thee Inspired, where I’m guest posting today.


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nurturing authentic friendships with the help of God

One Comment

  • Rachel

    I loved having you guest post on my site this week!! Your stories are always so inspiring, and they encourage me to to pay better attention to those around me and extend the gift of presence and hospitality!
    Thank you for sharing your words with us!

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