Where Do I Even Start?

Connecting with others can feel overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be difficult. If you haven't stopped by Heather's blog at Beakersandbachblog.com, you should. She has a beautiful way of putting words on paper--words of inspiration, healing, and hope. In her latest post she shares three simple ways to create community. Which idea might you in corporate into your life...Read More


"It was a difficult time, but it was a beautiful time." That's what she said about the time earlier this year when she nearly lost her life. It was dusk when our paths met--- she and her husband out walking the dog, my husband and I on our way to the mailbox. Neighbors for the past 16 years, we first...Read More


Not long ago, in the midst of the divisive election, came an invitation from an unknown neighbor to meet at the park and pray for our country. Our family went, unsure of what to expect, and completely unaware of the inspiring events that were about to take place. (more…)

So Much Goodness

"There are no strangers here; only friends you haven't yet met."- William Butler Yeats The Costco parking lot, as we all know, is a zoo right before Thanksgiving, and I was having the time of my life finding a parking spot for my long bed truck. Inching my way past the row of vehicles, I was forced to step on...Read More

The Golden Rule

CONVERSATION DURING CAR RIDE EN ROUTE TO THE EVENT She was nervous and didn't want to go, and I didn't blame her. Truth was, I was nervous too. These types of events always force us out of our comfort zones, and this case was proving to be excruciatingly difficult. "But you know what I think?" I asked my daughter. "I...Read More

The Bonds We Share

The apostle Paul knew what it was like to be bound. He was familiar with prison walls. So he was qualified to speak something on the matter. He taught: (more…)


"Courage doesn't mean you don't get afraid. Courage means you don't let fear stop you." (Bethany Hamilton) I knew the moment I shared this quote with my daughter two days ago that she had had a lightbulb moment; I saw it in her eyes, in the way she tilted her head and glanced up towards the ceiling. "Oh..." she said...Read More

Spring Tea Party Discussion

Last year my girls and I hosted our first Spring Tea Party Discussion. We invited a few friends and neighbors to our home and kept the preparation simple. The girls dressed up as princesses and sat at their own fancy table outside. The women sat around the kitchen table, which was decorated with fresh flowers and place cards specially made...Read More

Comfort Zone

"Mom, is it a good thing to step outside my comfort zone?" asked my daughter. "Yes," I said, giving her a cautious motherly glance, "as long as there is little risk for bodily harm." "Oh, no need to worry about that," she giggled. {silence} "It's just that stepping outside your comfort zone is a hard thing to do," she finally whispered. "Yes, that's...Read More