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    Seeking To Do Good: Turning Our Deepest Sorrows Into Blessings

    SEEKING TO DO GOOD   In his book, Meaningful Work, Shawn Askinosie details his journey from competent criminal defense attorney to successful chocolatier. Leaving the stress of his law practice behind, he set out to build a successful chocolate company from the ground up using his unique set of visioning tools, tools that can be used by each of us to create a life of meaning and purpose, no matter what work we do. In addition to building a successful company, he and his team at Askinosie Chocolate have been a positive force for good throughout the world. How exactly do they go…

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    My Favorite Things

    My Favorite Things // April 2018

    The following are a collection of home inspiration, recipes, and blog posts I have found this week that I hope will encourage and edify you on your journey toward connection. FAVORITE HOME INSPIRATION                               Love to make, bake, or create? Head on over to A Spoonful of Sugar’s website for an amazing collection of crafts, recipes, and sewing projects, like this tree and house mini quilt, which would make a fabulous New Home gift for a friend or neighbor.   Do chore wars leave you feeling like a disconnected, fragmented…

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    Simple Solutions: Making Memories With Project Life

    Memory making is a big deal in our family, as it is in yours, I’m sure. Family traditions, holidays, birthdays, vacations, the time little Johnny spilled a tub of honey on the carpet and then stepped in it. You know, the memories that make you smile (and sometimes cringe.) Keeping up with the memory record keeping is a whole other story, however. Perhaps you can relate to that too. Enter Project Life—-the memory-keeping system that allows you to cultivate a good life and record it in no time flat. My kids love looking through their Project Life scrapbooks and reliving the memories we’ve…

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    Currently // April 2018

    Happy Wednesday Friends!  It’s the first Wednesday of the month so that means I am sharing my Currently post.  Anne from In Residence has this fun linkup every month. I would love for you to join us and link up as well!   Currently showering: rarely happens with me, as I am more of a soak-in-the-tub-and-read-a-book, calgon-take-me-away kind of girl. My bathtub essentials are essential oils, epsom salt, and a good book or magazine. Any other soak-in-the-tub women out there? cultivating: my front yard flower garden. I love shopping for new plants, finding the perfect spot for them in my garden, planting them, admiring them,…

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    Making a difference–one person, one dog, at a time

    MAKING A DIFFERENCE   She came prancing right up to us, a pink bow placed perfectly behind each ear, and my kids couldn’t have been more delighted! She was the prettiest dog I’ve ever seen––small, fair, silky long hair. She swept across the floor of the store with what appeared to be great dignity and purpose. “Reach down and pet her,” her owner invited, holding the dog’s pink leash in his hand. “I had her registered as a service dog. Now she goes around making people happy. That’s her job.” My kids reached down to stroke the silky, soft hair. “What’s her name?”…

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    My Favorite Things

    My Favorite Things // March 2018

    The following are a collection of blog posts, tutorials, websites, and books I have found this week that I hope will encourage and edify you on your journey toward connection.   FAVORITE BLOG POSTS Got stories? I love stories, and there is something magical about sharing them with children. One of the best things about storytelling is that they can be education in nature, in a sneaky sort of way. Learn five wonderful things children gain from storytelling in Erica Layne’s enlightening article about the power of story.   Perhaps you need to read this powerful article about relationships as much as I…

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    Extending Hospitality: Everyone Has A Story To Share

    Everyone has a story to share, though I didn’t always realize it.   There was a time when I hid in my house behind locked doors, blind to the happenings of others. Why? Out of shame for my own story. Shame for certain things in my life that I preferred to keep hidden. “Yes, remaining hidden would be best,” I thought. Until one day…   One day, a peculiar thought entered my mind. I felt I should invite someone over for dinner. And I knew exactly who. There was a young family at church who had a child the same age as ours.…

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    My Favorite Things

    My Favorite Things // March 2018

    The following are a collection of articles, websites, podcasts, and other finds I have found this week that I hope will encourage and edify you on your journey toward connection.   FAVORITE BLOG POSTS It’s tough being a mom, especially when you feel all alone, and what mom doesn’t feel all alone from time to time? In the midst of the Adventure of Motherhood, which….{ahem}….often feels like complete chaos, who among us does not occasionally find ourselves wishing for the assistance of a village as we endeavor to tackle tantrums, laundry, and sick kids…all on approximately 2.5 hours of sleep. (Been there, done…

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    Our Mission At Down Aspen Lane

    Our mission at Down Aspen Lane is simply this—to encourage the creation of authentic connections in our homes, community, and world. Through the sharing of personal stories, creative resources, and simple challenges, we encourage others to create a more authentic life…one simple step at a time.   Hi, I’m Carri! Let me start by saying that this blog is probably not for everyone. It’s true. There may be some who feel perfectly content with the world as it is, but if you, like millions of others in our society, desire more authenticity in your life, then keep on reading. OUR MISSION Down Aspen Lane details…

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    Let’s Collaborate!

    I am currently accepting guest bloggers! Read the guidelines below and fill out the form to get started.   GUEST POSTING GUIDELINES Because I strive to put out a high quality of content on my blog, each blog post should be interesting and actionable! I accept posts on: creating authentic connection with family, friends, community, and/or God Christian hospitality   SUBMIT FOR GUEST POST APPROVAL Please use the form below to provide a list of 1-5 topics that you would like to write about, and I will let you know the date I will need your post by. Once approved, please note the following…