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Painting Your Life In Color: Suicide Prevention Week

Personal Note:

The beginning of this poem was written during a dark time in my life.

I’m so glad I held on┬ábecause the light eventually reappeared, shining through the darkness.

It was at that time, a time filled with light and hope, that I was able to complete the final verses of the poem.

Darkness and Light.

Life is meant to be filled with both.

It’s the contrast between the two that makes life so beautiful.



You long to fly away from this dark, broken, cruel world because…


you can’t breathe,

nor do you want to,

everything is bleak,

you welcome the night.


Hope is gone,

not even a flicker,

the light you sought,

forever gone.


All is lost,

there is no use in trying,

the endless tears,

they fall in vain.


This numb existence suits you well,

curled tight in a corner you hide,

the pain turning you to stone,

betrayed, abandoned, left alone.


Blinding sorrow, deep raw pain,

the ache won’t go away.

Promised help nowhere in sight,

left alone to whither,







But, wait, friend.

Don’t fly away just yet.

Hang on for one more minute,

one more hour,

one more day.



Soon you’ll see a flicker of light shining through the darkness,

you’ll catch a glimpse of goodness amidst the pain,

and your heart will begin to beat again.


Slowly at first, and then more swiftly,

you’ll begin, once again, to see the world in color,

and you’ll remember the beauty that life has to offer.


You’ll remember that you are the creator of your destiny,

that life, with its constant ups and downs, is beautiful.

That you are beautiful.


You will realize that the future,

beginning today,

is a blank canvas, white with possibility,

your daily choices adding color and texture

to the creation you call your life.


Your dreams for the future becoming a reality,

one stroke,

one day,

one decision at a time.


The gift of life is precious.

The gift of your life is priceless.

You are one of a kind.

You are needed.

You are loved.



For more encouragement, visit the following suicide prevention sites:

Tomorrow Needs You

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline




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