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The Peace That Comes From Abiding In God

Not long ago, just as the clock struck midnight, an earth-shattering revelation, made by someone I love more than life itself, threatened to turn my entire world upside-down.

Yet, I felt completely at peace.

The crushing blow that had the potential to alter the trajectory of my life, from this moment on, caused me to pause for a moment.

Yet, I felt nothing but peace.


Refusing to be defined by this singular heart-rending revelation, I offered a sincere prayer.

Then, feeling impressed to seek out more information, resources, encouragement, ANYTHING that might help the situation, I went to the computer.

Within 30 minutes, I found the information and resources I had been looking for.

Yet, interestingly enough, the most MEANINGFUL resource I came across turned out to be the first thing I had stumbled upon online: a video by Dallas Jenkins, Producer of The Chosen Series:


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Relating a recent experience in his life, Dallas shared his source of strength. His words echoed the feelings I felt so deeply on this most difficult of nights:


“I’m just going to trust, because I have no other choice. God put me in this position where I, literally, could not rely on my own intelligence. So I was powerless, and it’s a scary place to be when you’re powerless. But for me, it felt like a really BEAUTIFUL place to be. And, just like every other step of this journey, I just had to…abide.”



The peace I had been feeling, I realized in that moment, had come from my willingness to abide.


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On her blog, Tiffany Ann Lewis shares some fascinating insights on the word ‘abide’:


“’He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.’ (Psalm 91:1)

I find it curious that we have both words “dwell” and “abide” in the same sentence. It seems redundant to me after all, if I am dwelling I am abiding right? Let’s take a peek and see what treasure we might find in God’s Word today.

In Hebrew, the word translated dwell is yashav יָשַׁב (Strong’s #3427). Yashav means: to sit, to sit down, to be seated, dwell, abide. As you can see both words, ‘dwell’ and ‘abide’, are used in the definition. Nevertheless the primary meaning of yashav is: to sit…


Psalm 91:1 looks like this in Hebrew:
יֹשֵׁב בְּסֵתֶר עֶלְיוֹן בְּצֵל שַׁדַּי יִתְלוֹנָן

The little lines or dots that you see underneath the Hebrew letters tell us a lot. They reveal action and intensity. Now, in regards to our word “dwell” (yashav) we discover that it is in a perfect form that is active not passive. He who (whoever that is), is active about dwelling, they purpose to dwell in the secret of the Most High.

Now, as I mentioned, it is also in a perfect form. In Biblical Hebrew there is no tense, after all God is eternal. He has no beginning and no end. However, when a word is in a perfect form we can think of like we would past tense. The perfect form is used to describe an action that is completed, done, finished.


Woah! My heart just skipped a beat as I’m writing. I hear the words our Lord Jesus uttered from the cross. ‘It is finished’ (John 19:30) Because of His sacrifice it is finished. We are yashav, seated together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus (See Ephesians 2.) Because of His sacrifice we have access to the presence of God and we can actively pursue His presence and choose to sit down, to be seated, dwell, abide.

Imagine yourself sitting in the heavenly places, the secret places of the Most High in Christ Jesus. Just as we sit in our homes and talk with our family and eat our meals, we can spiritually sit in with God communicating with Him and receiving our daily bread which will nourish us and give us the strength we need to get through the day.”



Dwelling and abiding in God will “give us the strength we need to get through the day.”

Returning to my room, I knelt by my bed and offered a brief prayer.

Three short sentences, the last one being:

“I will abide.”


Abiding in God—it’s a beautiful place to be.


When in your life have you experienced the beauty of abiding in God?


**Uplifting media, such as The Chosen Series, helps to create a foundation of peace in our lives that allows us to remain firm and steadfast throughout the storms of life. Learn more about this life-changing series here:



Giants, Then and Now: Becoming a Covenant-Keeping People

Ambassadors For Christ: The Light To Shine Out Of Darkness


Recommended Reading: Abide In Christ by Andrew Murray

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