Comfort Zone

"Mom, is it a good thing to step outside my comfort zone?" asked my daughter. "Yes," I said, giving her a cautious motherly glance, "as long as there is little risk for bodily harm." "Oh, no need to worry about that," she giggled. {silence} "It's just that stepping outside your comfort zone is a hard thing to do," she finally whispered. "Yes, that's...Read More

Handmade, With Love

Standing in the back yard on a beautiful fall afternoon, it occurred to me how wonderful it would be to not have any obligations that day…to just be able to stay at home and relax. But no, we had committed to provide an activity for a few homeless children that night, which would mean a trip to the store, a couple hours worth of preparation,...Read More

And A Little Child Shall Lead Them

It was getting late, it was uncomfortably warm outside, and I was tired, but that didn’t stop them. “May we PLEASE stop at the park and play for a few minutes?” the three of them begged, ganging up against their dad and me. We had gone on a last minute family walk around the block and I was anxious to...Read More