"Courage doesn't mean you don't get afraid. Courage means you don't let fear stop you." (Bethany Hamilton) I knew the moment I shared this quote with my daughter two days ago that she had had a lightbulb moment; I saw it in her eyes, in the way she tilted her head and glanced up towards the ceiling. "Oh..." she said...Read More

Comfort Zone

"Mom, is it a good thing to step outside my comfort zone?" asked my daughter. "Yes," I said, giving her a cautious motherly glance, "as long as there is little risk for bodily harm." "Oh, no need to worry about that," she giggled. {silence} "It's just that stepping outside your comfort zone is a hard thing to do," she finally whispered. "Yes, that's...Read More

And A Little Child Shall Lead Them

It was getting late, it was uncomfortably warm outside, and I was tired, but that didn’t stop them. “May we PLEASE stop at the park and play for a few minutes?” the three of them begged, ganging up against their dad and me. We had gone on a last minute family walk around the block and I was anxious to...Read More

Open Doors

“Make sure the doors remain closed.” It’s a thought that runs through my mind often, and one I share with my children on a regular basis, especially when we’re expecting guests in our home. Some messes are best hidden behind closed doors. At least, that’s what I used to think. (more…)

Tall and Courageous

Recently, our family was reading from the book “The Borrowers” when we were  struck by the following words: “…my brother said that, underneath, he thought they were frightened. It was because they were frightened, he thought, that they had grown so small. Each generation had become smaller and smaller, and more and more hidden.” (p. 9) Our generation has been...Read More


Everyone has a story to tell, though I didn’t always realize it. There was a time when I hid in my house behind locked doors, blind to the happenings of others. Why? Out of shame for my own story. (more…)