Friends AND Neighbors

A stroll to the park this evening with my children led me to cross paths with a neighbor I haven't seen in a while. She and I visited on a park bench while our kids kicked a soccer ball back and forth on the grass behind us. We began with the typical chit-chat: "Beautiful weather!" "How's school?" "How's work?" and...Read More


"It was a difficult time, but it was a beautiful time." That's what she said about the time earlier this year when she nearly lost her life. It was dusk when our paths met--- she and her husband out walking the dog, my husband and I on our way to the mailbox. Neighbors for the past 16 years, we first...Read More


Not long ago, in the midst of the divisive election, came an invitation from an unknown neighbor to meet at the park and pray for our country. Our family went, unsure of what to expect, and completely unaware of the inspiring events that were about to take place. (more…)

The Bonds We Share

The apostle Paul knew what it was like to be bound. He was familiar with prison walls. So he was qualified to speak something on the matter. He taught: (more…)