What’s Your Story? Blog Series #1

Welcome! Each Wednesday I’ll be posting a new edition of the What’s Your Story? Blog Interview Series.


The purpose of the What’s Your Story series is to give you a sneak peek into the lives of others, to encourage you to discover the stories of the people that surround you in your everyday life–to ask questions, to listen, to care, to connect at a deeper level, if only for a moment.


Family, friends, neighbors, strangers—the possibilities are endless!


My first guest is Yolanda. I will let her introduce herself below. Enjoy this brief glimpse into her life, leave a comment about something you have in common, and feel free to reach out to her at the links provided at the end of the post.



Bio: Hi, I’m Yolanda. I love tea, food, the outdoors and a good book. I live in Toronto, Canada with 4 boys – my husband, two stepsons and our goofy dog. I am the owner and writer of PutTheKettleOn.ca, a women’s lifestyle site that focuses on creating the life you love. I also run a marketing consulting business at FullCircleDigital.ca where I help bloggers and online businesses with their digital marketing strategies. 


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1) What is your favorite color?



2) Introvert or extrovert?

Both! People think I’m an extrovert and I can be at times, but I feel like an introvert in my heart and that can be hard at times.


3) Dreamer or a go-getter?

Both. I dream about SO many things and act on specific dreams to make them a reality.


4) What are you most passionate about?

My family


5) Which book has influenced you the most?

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho







6) Share a favorite motivational quote.

“There is no trouble so great or grave that cannot be diminished by a nice cup of tea” – Bernard-Paul Heroux


7) Do you enjoy your job? Why, or why not?

Yes! I love working for myself and helping others in my business


8) What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

Traveled the world for one year and I want to do it again one day!


9) Share a life-changing event have you experienced?

Not being able to have my own biological children, but also being lucky enough to be a stepmom to two beautiful boys.



10) What do people constantly misunderstand about you?

That I have been dealing with depression and deep grief due to infertility and there isn’t a quick fix for it. I have however been working on so many strategies to feel better.

11) Do you have a favorite place in the world? Where is it?


12) Share three words your friends would use to describe you.

Funny, caring, hardworking


13) Who is the person with whom you can talk about anything?

My husband


14) What message would you like to share with the rest of the world?

Find ways to enjoy the small blessings you have in life right now.


15) If you could go back five years in your life, what advice would you give yourself?

Focus on the people who truly love you, not those who are “fairweather” friends.

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What’s Your Story Blog Series:


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