What’s Your Story Blog Series #5: Meet Brittany, a military spouse

Welcome to another episode of the What’s Your Story Blog Series.


The purpose of this series is two-fold:


First, to provide you with a sneak peek into the lives of others, and


Second, to encourage you to discover the stories of the people that surround you in your everyday life–to ask questions, to listen, to care, to connect at a deeper level, if only for a moment.


Choosing to connect in brief, but meaningful, ways with family, friends, neighbors, strangers will make a positive difference in our lives.


It feels good to connect with others, even if we never meet them in person.


I’ll let Brittany introduce herself below. Enjoy this brief glimpse into her life, leave a comment below, and feel free to reach out to her at the blog link provided at the end of the post.



Bio: Hi! My name is Brittany and I am a coffee addict, craft enthusiast, mother to two girls and a military spouse. By day, I help support other women entrepreneurs build better businesses so they can be profitable without spending all their waking hours working, and I’m in bed by 9 pm at night!




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1) What is your favorite color?



2) What is your favorite food?

Anything with carbs or cheese!


3) Are you an introvert or extrovert?

An extreme introvert. I used to go days without seeing or talking to people just working away in my twenties and loved it. Now, as a family, we tend to be homebodies and enjoy our down-time together.


4) Are you a dreamer or a go-getter?

I’m a go-getter. I tend to be quite impatient. When I have an idea I immediately want to start it, I can’t sit around and just dream about it all day!


5) What are you most passionate about?

I think I’m most passionate about getting women to follow their dreams. I think far too often we put our dreams on hold to care for others, whether it be our children, our spouses or even elderly parents. I want to let other women know that it’s ok to go after their passions too–that they deserve that.



Meet Brittany What's Your Story


6) Name a book that has influenced you the most:

I am an avid reader, but most recently it would be “Do it Scared” By Ruth Soukup. We all face fears, especially as an entrepreneur so I found it inspiring and interesting to learn about the different types of people and how we all process and handle different things.


7) What do you do to relax at the end of a long week?

We love to all pile into our bed and put a movie on the big screen and watch it together. Our house is often filled with forts and baking on the weekends as well!


8) Share your favorite motivational quote:

Progress over perfection! I think it’s an important reminder to just keep making little steps forward! As women, we tend to obsess over how it has to be perfect first, but this truly stifles our progress and potential!


9) What trial have you overcome or are in the process of overcoming?

My first marriage was an abusive one. Between processing that and the many years of legal turmoil that followed, I had some extremely dark times. Consequently, it took me a long time to come out of it, to come to terms with it and be OK, and to truly let it go and move on. It was not an easy road.


10) Do you enjoy your job? Why, or why not?

I love my job. I love the women I work with and am inspired by them. In addition, I get paid to do things I love and would have done for free anyway because I enjoy it so much- can’t beat that!



11) What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

Probably when I dropped out of college with one semester to go (on the dean’s list) and founded my first LLC. Thankfully, my parents were supportive, but most of my friends thought I had lost my mind. However, I’ve never regretted it or looked back since!


12) Share a life-changing event you have experienced:

Becoming a Mom! Having these little nuggets to care for truly changed everything for me. They made me want to work smarter so I could spend more time with them, and they also made me a better person because I’m constantly trying to grow and improve myself so I can be the best role model possible for them. I want them to have a strong, kind and intelligent mother to look up to.


13) What do people constantly misunderstand about you?

People initially think I’m extroverted because in small gatherings and in-person I am very friendly, but it takes a lot for me to be so (and lots of practice over the years!)


14) Do you ever feel lonely? Explain.


All the time! Both as an entrepreneur and a military spouse I’m often left in solitude – which I do mostly enjoy, but it makes it difficult to connect, meet new people and create lasting relationships.


15) What is your preferred way of connecting with others in meaningful ways?


I love to connect with people talking about what they are passionate about. Seeing how it lights them up gets me excited. I always just want to see everyone follow their passions!


16) Do you have a favorite place in the world? Where is it?


Paris! I went to school there when I was 16 and still hold such fond memories, I think it will always be my favorite!


17) What three words would your friends use to describe you?

Creative, Kind, Stubborn


18) Who has been a role model to you? How?

My grandmother was a huge role model to me growing up. She always followed her passions. She was a very successful nurse and an artist. I was inspired by how she always followed her heart and never went the conventional route just because it was expected of her.



 My Grandmother



19) Who is the person with whom you can talk about anything?

My Mom! <3


20) What three words best describes your family?


Crazy. Unconventional. Silly.


21) What message would you like to share with the rest of the world?

That everyone has knowledge, a skill, or talent they should be sharing with the world.


22) If you could go back five years in your life, what advice would you give yourself?

It’s all going to be OK.





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